Comprehensive Edition





Comprehensive Edition












  Publishing a national atlas is the rst step toward achieving the educational goal for students to understand their nation and its geography. In 2007, the National Geographic Information Institute published The National Atlas of Korea for the rst time. Revisions of the atlas have been made to document and illustrate the rapid transformation of and changes to the land and the details of Korea’s physical and human environments.

  As a national record, The National Atlas of Korea is an official reference for defining and explaining Korea’s territory and territorial water to the world. It is a valuable source of information for developing government policies for balanced national development, a necessary educational guide to promote an accurate understanding of the land, and a useful means of introducing dynamic changes and developments in Korea and Korean society to the world.

  Re ecting a commitment to staying up-to-date and relevant, The National Geographic Information Institute presents The National Atlas of Korea: Comprehensive Edition as a useful educational resource for our adolescents to better understand their nation. I hope that The National Atlas of Korea: Comprehensive Edition becomes a valuable reference for our future generations to learn the value and importance of the nation. The National Geographic Information Institute pledges to continuously publish the most updated geographical information of Korea.







Choe, Byong-Nam

Director General, National Geographic Information Institute





Editorial Board



CHAIRMAN                                  Choe, Byong-Nam    (Director General, National Geographic Information Institute)



VICE CHAIRMAN                        Han, Myounghee      (Director, National Geographic Information Institute)



SECRETARY GENERAL               Hwang, Chul Sue     (Kyung Hee University)



OFFICE OF THE                            Kang, Wooku          (Deupty Director, National Geographic Information Institute)


EDITORIAL BOARD                    Park, Sunyoung        (Officer in Charge, National Geographic Information Institute)





Editorial Committee



CHAIRMAN                                  Lee, Seungho                   (President, The Korean Geographical Society)



EDITOR IN CHIEF                       Hwang, Chul Sue             (Kyung Hee University)



AUTHORS                                     Chu, Gregory H.              (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Professor Emeritus)

AUTHORS                                     Wingert, Everett A.           (University of Hawai at Manoa, Professor Emeritus)

AUTHORS                                     Choi, Jongnam                 (Western Illinois University)



SENIOR COPY EDITOR            Mossman, Amy Patrick      (Western Illinois University)


COPY EDITOR                          Wheeler, Betty




Production Section


                         Moon, Seonggook                            (Kyung Hee University)

EXCHANGE                                                    Won, Seokhwan                              (Kyung Hee University)

EXCHANGE                                                    Hwang, Taekeon                             (Kyung Hee University)

EXCHANGE                                                    Choi, Mungi                                   (Kyung Hee University)

EXCHANGE                                                    Baek, Ahran                                   (Kyung Hee University) 

EXCHANGE                                                    You, Geonhwa                                (Kyung Hee University)


DIGITAL MAP MAKERS                                Lee, Jangyong                                (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DIGITAL MAP MAKERS                                Kim, Seunghu                                (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DIGITAL MAP MAKERS                               Park, Chuljun                                (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DIGITAL MAP MAKERS                                Im, Sekwan                                   (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)


                    Lee, Hanjin                                   (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)


DESIGN                                                              Kim, KyungSun                             (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DESIGN                                                              Yoon, Jiae                                    (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DESIGN                                                              Kim, Yumi                                   (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DESIGN                                                              Park, Ko eun                                (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)