English II

General Outline of Environmental Impact Assessment


The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) predicts, analyzes, and evaluates environmental impacts of various policies and development projects. Ultimately, as a policy for preventing environmental destruction and pollution ahead of time, the EIA aims to create and maintain a pleasant environment by guiding environmentally 

sound and sustainable development.The Korean government operates the assess-

ment procedures, targeting initiatives such as large-scale development projects or specific programs under the Environmental Impact As- sessment Act to minimize the destruction of nature and environmental pollution. As a means 

of proactive protection, the EIA is designed to consider not only economic and technical aspects but also environmental factors when establishing or conducting a development project, allowing for environmentally healthy planning. According to the Act as amended on July 22, 2012, Korea carries out environmental impact assessments tha 

are divided into the following three areas: “Stra- tegic Environmental Impact Assessment,” “Envi- ronmental Impact Assessment,” and “Small-Scale Environmental Impact Assessment.”