English II

Invasive Alien Animal Species


As global economic growth has influenced the increase in international interactions through activities such as travel and trade, there has been an escalation in the export and import of species valuable to the agriculture and shing industries,

pets, and ornamental alien species. In 2013, a to- tal of 1,718 alien species, including 1,384 animal species and 334 plant species, were imported into South Korea, which is an increase by approxi- mately 50% compared to 2011; thus, the import

of alien species into South Korea is increasing. In addition, the appearance of species with the potential for ecological disturbance has been in- creasing, following incidents such as an outbreak of alien invasive species caused by changes in

the environment, including climate change. The invasive alien species that have adapted to Korea are exacerbating disturbances on the ecosystem through their characteristics of rapid proliferation and thriving feeding ability.