English II

International Cooperation


Korea has made various efforts to prevent and overcome natural disasters and hazards. In addi- tion, Korea has not only cooperated international- ly with other countries in disaster elds, but also supported humanitarian aid to many countries suffering from natural disasters, big accidents, con icts, and complex catastrophes. Also, Korea has provided foreign aid requested by internation- al organizations.

The Korea 119 Search and Rescue Team 

(KOSAR), and the Korea Disaster Relief Team (KDRT) are rescue teams regulated under the Article 9 “Organization and Operation of Korea 119 Search and Rescue Team” of the Act on 119 Rescue and Emergency Medical Services. They are also an international USAR team consisting of re ghters. When a big disaster occurs overseas, they play a greater role in prevention and in pro- tecting people who suffer any type of disaster. The National 119 Rescue Headquarters is in charge 

of the organization and operation of the Korea 119 Search and Rescue Team. After the Korean Airline plane crash at Guam on August 6, 1997, the Korean government established the Korea 119 Search and Rescue Team for big disasters such as ight and boating accidents. It was launched with 31 people in 3 teams on August 22, 1997.

In times of disaster occurrences overseas, the Korea 119 Search and Rescue Team is sent with the Korea Disaster Relief Team. The minister of 

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides whether or not to dispatch the Korea 119 Search and Res- cue Team in contribution to international disaster relief. The decision is made according to the Government-Civilian Overseas Emergency Relief Council established by the Overseas Emergency Relief Act.