English II

Natural Parks and Protected Areas


Since the designation of Jirisan National Park as the first national park in Korea on December 29, 1967, a total of twenty-two national parks have been designated and protected. Except fo Hallasan National Park, which is managed di- rectly by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, the National Park Authority (established in 1987) manages all the national parks. The total area of the national parks is 6,653.924 km2, of which 3,969.414 km2 are land and 2,684.510 km2 are sea. Among the twenty-two national parks, sev- enteen are associated with mountains, four are coastal, and one, Gyeongju National Park, is ur- ban. Taebaeksan was the last to be designated as a national park on August 22, 2016.