English II

Flyway of Major Migratory Birds


Many migratory birds that are internationally endangered visit and use the Korean Peninsula as over-wintering sites, breeding sites, and stop-over sites. Especially, shore birds that spend winter in

Australia and New Zealand and then migrate to Siberia for breeding stop to feed in the tidal ats of the west coast of Korea during spring and autumn.

Sandpipers and plovers visiting South Korea fol-

low the East Asia-Australia Flyway (EAAF), one of the 9 major ight paths used by migratory wa- terfowls in the annual bird migration for breeding and wintering. It has been reported that 35 species

of globally endangered waterfowl, 13 species of near-threatened waterfowl, and 50 million birds belonging to more than 250 population units travel along the EAAF.