English II

Amphibians and Reptiles


There are 32 species of reptiles and 22 species of amphibians inhabiting South Korea. Among these species, the Ministry of Environment des- ignated the black-headed snake (Sibynophis chin- ensis) and Suwon treefrog (Hyla suweonensis) as 

Endangered Wild Species Class I. The rat snake (Elaphe schrenckii), Korea golden frog (Rana chosenicus), reeve’s pond turtle (Mauremys reeve- sii), Narrow-mouthed frog (Kaloula borealis), and Mongolian racerunner (Eremias argus) are 

designated as Endangered Wild Species Class II. Six species, including the Gori salamander (Hynobius yangi), Korean crevice salamander (Karsenia koreana), Suwon treefrog, Jeju sala- mander (Hynobius quelpartensis), Korean brown 

frog (Rana coreana), and Korean golden frog (Rana chosenicus) are known to be endemic to South Korea.