English II

Representative Wild Mammals


The wild boar (Sus scrofa) had been distributed throughout South Korea except in Jejudo; how- ever, the species has been naturalized in Jejudo recently. With a high fertility rate and ability to adapt to its environment, the species exhibits a trend of increasing population. The wild boar is mostly nocturnal and able to cross kilometers of river or sea in some cases. The wild boar can gen- erally be described as having a large head, short neck, small eyes, and relatively big ears. More speci cally, its head is long, conical-shaped, and its neck is short and thick. It has triangle-shaped ear aps that point upwards, and its eyes are very small, while its legs are short and thick. Bristles cover its body, with fur resembling a mane on top. Its coat consists of brown color fur that fades with age. Two canine teeth protrude at the bridge of the nose. The disappearance of large predato- 

ry animals such as tigers and leopards in Korea led to a constant increase in the population of the wild boar, the species has been encroaching on farmlands, causing damage. The Ministry of Environment has designated the wild boar as a harmful wild animal and has been controlling its population size.