English II

Climate Elements and Number of Days with Weather Phenomena


Korea, located in the mid-latitudes, is largely affected by the westerlies and the East Asian mon- soon system. Thus, the northerly and the westerly are dominant during winter, especially in January, while the southwesterly, the southerly, and the

southeasterly prevail in summer, especially in Au- gust. However, the wind direction in summer is not as prevalent as in winter. Although there is no prevailing wind in spring (April) and autumn (Oc- tober), the northeasterly often blows into the east

coast areas. However, the wind direction can vary on a local scale with the geographical location of weather stations and its surrounding topography. Wind speed is generally much greater in coastal areas than in inland areas. The highest daily maxi- 

mum wind speed was recorded in Gosan (51.1 m/

s) on September 12, 2013, and the highest daily maximum instantaneous wind speed was recorded in Sokcho (63.7 m/s) on October 23, 2006.