English II

International Cooperation


The recent global expansion of desertification and land degradation has raised international concern regarding issues of food security, poverty eradication, and climate change. In response to this, the United Nations declared the UN Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertificatio 

to be carried out from 2010 to 2020 in order to establish strategic measures to counter the prob- lems.

As a leading country that has overcome heavy land degradation and successfully achieved refor- estation, Korea serves as a pioneering example in 

the global movement against deserti cation.After hosting the 2011 UNCCD COP 10, Korea continues to actively contribute to afforestation efforts both in Asia and across the globe. In the case of developing countries, deserti cation and land degradation has caused a serious setback to 

poverty eradication. By implementing various cooperative projects, Korea aims to build a foun- dation that will enable these countries to inde- pendently pursue sustainable development.