English III

National Health


The cause of death has consistently changed ac- cording to changes in lifestyle and dietary habits and the development of preventative health care and improvements in medical technology. Among causes of death, cancer accounted for the largest proportion. The increase in cancer patients is related to early diagnosis through health screen- ing and the development of medical technology for diagnosing cancer along with a change in lifestyle. Recent statistics revealed that the mid- dle-aged population group has a very high death rate from cardiovascular disease. This cause of

death does not show a big difference by region, because Koreans generally maintain a relatively similar environment and lifestyle.

Looking at the frequency of use of medical in- stitutions, both the number of hospital usage days and the average for outpatient visit days are high in areas with a high proportion of older individ- uals. With an aging population, medical services for the elderly, and the prevention, diagnosis, and management of geriatric illness, become more important.