English III

Clothing and Culture


The clothing culture of the Korean people began with the history of the nation. Prehistoric equipment for apparel design and manufacture is found across the country and shows a very long Korean clothing history. The prototype for Korean traditional dress, such as the ‘jeogori’ and pants, can be found in the murals of the ancient tombs of Goguryeo. As time passed, various fabrics were used and clothing styles diversi ed. Koreans became known as the white-clad folk and enjoyed having white colored clothing, though they

Hyewon Pungsokdo Cheop

also liked various colored clothing for special events and rituals. Clothing in the traditional era was generally homemade, and laundering and care of garments accounted for a large share of housework. By contrast, modern clothing is made in factories, and thus accounts for a large proportion of household expenditures. Also, it is becoming increasingly common for laundry and ironing to be done by commercial laundry services.