English III

Public Safety


According to the Korean National Police Agency, there were 1,778,966 crime incidents in 2014, or 3,528 incidents per 100,000 persons. The four major crime categories are as follows: violent (heinous) crimes including murder, burglary, arson, and sexual crimes; property crimes including theft and fraud; less violent crimes including ones using weapons or violence; and traf c crimes including speeding, driving under the influence, and illegal park- ing. By region, Gyeonggi-do had the highest number of crimes (404,390 incidents), followed by Seoul (355,991 incidents) and Bu- san (133,755 incidents). However, on a per population (per 100,000 persons) basis, a different picture emerges: Jeju (5,379 incidents) has the highest number of crimes per 100,000 persons, followed by Daegu (3,893 incidents) and Ulsan (3,617 incidents).