English III

Regional Development Policies


The Coastal Region refers to multiple local governments along the coasts. It was designated in the Comprehensive Plan for Devel- oping Coastal Areas, supported by the “Special Act on Developing Coastal and Inland Regions.” The plan originally only included de- velopment plans for coastal regions. However, inland regions were later added.

Seoul Metropolitan Area Readjustment Regions (Growth Con- trol Regions) are areas designated to reduce the concentration of population and industries in the Seoul Metropolitan Area. They are based on the “Seoul Metropolitan Area Readjustment Planning Act” (Article 6) and its executive ordinance (Article 9), which divides the Seoul Metropolitan Area into three regions.

Overcrowding Restriction Region: a region with overcrowding, or expected to be overcrowded and in need of readjustment or reloca- tion of facilities.

Growth Control Region: a region that accommodates relocated people or facilities from the Overcrowding Restriction Region. Lo- cations of industries and urban development are carefully managed. 

Nature Conservation Region: a region where the natural environ- ment needs to be conserved, for example, the green space and water bodies of the Hangang River system.

By Presidential Decree of the Special Act on Balanced National Development, Growth Promotion Area refers to an area requiring special support from the national and local government for the con- struction of infrastructure necessary to promote its economic and social growth, such as road and water supply systems, because of its poor living conditions and considerably underdeveloped local econ- omy.

A Growth Promotion Area is co-designated by the ministers of both the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Land, Infra- structure and Transportation based on the area’s income, population, and nancial standing, among other factors. The rst Growth Pro- motion Area was designated in June of 2009. As of September 2014, 70 -si/-gun areas had been designated as Growth Promotion Areas. Once designated, an area retains that status for ve years and is also entitled to full nancial support (100% government subsidies)