English III

Development of the National Transportation Network


National transportation networks—including roads, railways, ports, and airports—developed rapidly after the beginning of industrialization in the 1960s. Only 10% of the roads were paved in 1970. By 2014, the road pavement coverage increased to 92%. The total length of paved roads increased from 3,864 km to 97,920 km during this period (an increase of more than 25 times). Particularly, the total highway length was extend- ed from 550 km in 1970 to 4,139 km in 2014. Although Railways, however, showed a slow increase of approximately 1.7 times, from 2,114.2 km in 1945 to 3,590.3 km in 2014, The slow increase is attributed to the fact that the major railways were built during the Japanese colonial