English I

Health and Safety


Public safety and public health are two critical measures of the quality of life of any society. One of the most widely used measures of public health is life expectancy, the average number of years a person can expect to live. Life expectancy is very high in the capital region and in Jeju. The reason for this may be that the capital region has the better medical infrastructure, and Jeju has more green space and better services and amenities-- though there are significant differences between si·gun·gu units within these regions. The difference between life expectancy for men and women is as high as 7 years as of 2011. While the number of years of life expectancy is important, how well the elderly manage their health is also an important factor to monitor.

   The regional distributions of the fire department and police substations are the indicators that indirectly show the regional ability to properly response to the criminal action and accident in the region. As for the better operation of such important safety agencies and organizations for the better response to the criminal mishap and accident disaster, the discussion recently becomes active on the pros and cons of the locally distributed organization system considering the distinct characteristics of the region and the centralized organization system unifying the nationwide matters for the timely and strong implementation.