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Urban Planing


The area-wide regional plan presents the long-term 20-year development direction for area-wide regions comprised of two or more local governments. In 2013, 11 area-wide regional plans were established.

   The city county master plan is a comprehensive plan that presents the basic spatial structure and the long-term 20-year development direction for each city and county. The city county master plan specifically focuses on land use, transportation, the environment, the landscape, safety, industry, information and communications, health, welfare, security, and culture.

   The city county management plan is a tool for rational management of the city county’s jurisdictions. It is designed to be consistent with the area-wide regional plan and the city county master plan. It covers urban development, location of land use, designation of zones and districts as well as other urban issues.

   The district unit plan is established for the purpose of rationalizing land use, improving both functionality and appearance, and ensuring environmental protection in the target regions of the city county plan.