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Outline of Regional Development Policy during the Park Geun-hye Government


 Outline of Regional Development Policy during the Park Geun-hye Government The Park Geun-hye government (2013-present) has created a new vision of regional development that seeks to promote “happiness to people, and hope to regions.” Her administration has vigorously pursued the regional HOPE Project in an attempt to help people realize happiness and hope in their real lives. The idea behind this approach is that the opportunity for a happy life can be achieved through the residents’ partnership with local government. Specifically the project attempts to foster citizen participation in governmental processes and to help address and remove policy blind spots throughout the country.

   In order to achieve this vision, the government presented three promotional strategies: realizing regional happiness in daily living, tailoring package-based policy support toward this end, and enforcing regionally-based cooperation. The “Happy living sphere” specifically refers an attempt to ensure that the basic social, cultural, and physical needs are provided for all residents. The approach is comprehensive and incorporates central cities, rural central towns, and villages.