English I  2019

International Exchange


 In 1991, the Korean government established the Korea Foundation (KF) as a public diplomacy organization affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to promote a better understanding of Korea and its people among the global community. Korea Foundation’s activities include support for Korean Studies programs and Korean-related specialists for the operation of Korean Studies courses, as well as a variety of fellowship assistance programs. The Korea Foundation also invites prominent figures and specialists to Korea to enhance their understanding of Korea through hands-on experiences. To advance a global knowledge community through intellectual dialogue, the Korea Foundation organizes forums and global seminars in Korea and abroad, along with extending support for research projects that are undertaken by prestigious think-tank institutes.


 The Korea Foundation’s endeavors to promote the culture and arts of Korea include its close cooperation with various organizations to present a diverse array of cultural activities to publicize Korean arts and culture among the world’s peoples. Additionally, the Foundation provides support for the establishment of permanent Korea-related gallery spaces at leading museums worldwide. The Korea Foundation publishes and distributes Korea-related publications and multimedia materials for global audiences for the regular dissemination of information about Korea and its culture. The Koreana, the Korea Foundation quarterly, is known as a high-quality magazine that features diverse aspects of Korea’s culture and arts, both traditional and contemporary. The Korea Foundation also administers donation programs to promote Korea-related projects; a donor can designate the project or program to be supported by the donation.


 The graph summarizes the Korea Foundation budget for the aforementioned international exchange programs. The map indicates the foreigners who have visited Korea under the Korea Foundation’s distinguished guests and next-generation invitation programs, as well as its recent exhibition and performance events.