English I  2019

Children of Multicultural Families


 Korea's transition to a multicultural society can also be seen in school classrooms. As of 2017, the number of multicultural family children was 222,000 and most were born in Korea. The children of naturalized and foreign nationals number around 10,000. The sex ratio of the children of these multicultural families is about 104.5 males per 100 females. The area of residence is concentrated in the Seoul metropolitan area (25.4% of Gyeonggi-do, 14.0% of Seoul, and 6.1% of Incheon). More than half of them are under six years of age (51.7%). However, significant numbers of them are school-age: 36.8% are elementary school age (7 – 12 years old), 7.1% are middle school age (13 – 15 years old), and 4.4% are high schoolage (16 – 18 years old). As a result, efforts are being made throughout Korean society to promote a multicultural consciousness that understands and respects cultures other than the culture of one's group.