English III 2021

Local Election


In local elections (every four years), local and metropolitan council members and heads of local and metropolitan governments are chosen. Council members consist of district representatives and proportional representatives.

In the 7th Simultaneous Local Election of 2018, 14 candidates from the Democratic Party of Korea, two from the Liberty Korea Party, and one independent were elected as mayors and governors of metropolitan cities and provinces. In the election of the metropolitan council, the ruling party secured many seats; 652 candidates from the Democratic Party of Korea and 137 from the Liberty Korea Party. As the result of the election for the heads of local government, 151 candidates from the Democratic Party of Korea, 53 from the Liberty Korea Party, five from the Party for Democracy and Peace, and 17 independents were elected as mayors, county heads, and district heads. Regarding the result of the local council election, 2926 council members were elected with the exception of Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City and Jeju Special Self-governing Province, where local councils are not established. The local council is the foundation for grassroots democracy and accommodates diverse constituencies, including women and members of the younger generation.