English III 2021

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services


Professional, scientific, and technological skill services, as a typical producer service, support other businesses in acquiring expertise and efficiency in management by performing professional, scientific, and technological tasks by contract on behalf of other businesses. Conventionally, the products in these service industries are consumed at the time services are rendered. For the same reason, the above business services used to be classified as non-tradable; however, changes in perception for patents and copyrights led such services to be considered commodities that can be traded. Also, as service industry products can be the main drivers for improved production and competitiveness in manufacturing, service industries have become more intimately related to manufacturing industries.

 Since highly specialized knowledge and well-educated workers are the major requirements for service industries, business services tend to be concentrated in large metropolitan areas where many educational institutions are located. Within large cities, they tend to be concentrated in the central business districts of the city where the majority of their customers are located. In Seoul, they are concentrated in Gangnam-gu, Seocho-gu, and Jung-gu.

 Korea has accomplished industrialization in a short period, and presently it is at the leading edge of informationalization. Information analysis and exchange have become easier and more active with the development and supply of computers, internet, and the equipment for data processing and communication. Furthermore, with the creative fusion of knowledge covering all kinds of information, Korea has become a more knowledge-based and information-active society that keeps stride with the development of technology and industry.