English III 2021

Information and Communication Services


 With the development and dissemination of data storage and processing devices and communication devices such as computers, the Internet, and wireless telephones, analysis and exchange of information have become easier and more active. Furthermore, various activities creatively fusing information with knowledge bring about socio-economic values and revitalize the economy. Information and communication businesses refer to industrial activities that produce, transmit, and supply information and cultural products or provide communication services, data processing, and other information services. In detail, it is divided into the publishing business, video / audio record production and distribution business, broadcasting business, postal and communication business, computer programming, system integration and management business, and information service business.

 Traditionally, information was communicated by text in documents or books or by voice over the phone or radio. However, as communication and broadcasting networks become more sophisticated and cheaper, they are being delivered as images through personal computers and TVs. Contents planned and created in various fields such as news, learning, culture, and entertainment are distributed through these information and communication media. The content industry encompasses publishing, comics, music, movies, games, animation, broadcasting, advertisements, characters, knowledge information, and content solution industries. Access to knowledge and information has become easier anytime, anywhere, but related industrial activities are highly concentrated in large cities.