English III 2021

Sustainable Development of National Territory


To suppress the concentration of the population in large cities and improve the socio-economic environment of non-metropolitan areas, the government implements the General Rural Development Project, which promotes the regional development of agricultural, mountainous, and fishing villages as an axis of national balanced development. This project consists of a Rural Center Revitalization Project, a Living Condition Improvement Project, and a -Si/-Gun Competency Strengthening Project. In particular, the Rural Center Revitalization Project and the Living Condition Improvement Project, which have been carried out for at least five years, greatly contribute to the regional development of rural areas.

The government has carried out the Rural Revitalization Plus Project for 123 -si/-gun/-gu areas with rural characteristics (regions subject to the General Rural Development Project) since 2018. This project succeeded the new vitality project implemented in the mid-2000s. This project aims to nurture local resources, advance regional specialized industries through local assets and private organizations, and create social jobs. 

The individual project period is up to four years. The government subsidizes 70% of the cost of an individual project. In 2018, 10 projects were selected, 20 in 2019, 30 in 2020, and 20 in 2021. This project allows local governments to create preliminary plans autonomously. The government selects preliminary plans, confirms the action plans through consultation, and then implements the action plans. As of 2021, the government finalized the action plans for the 2018–2019 projects.