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  For more than ve thousand years, Koreans have lived on the Korean Peninsula, also known as Kumsugangsan—literally translated to “rivers and mountains embroidered on silk”—which best captures the beauty of Korea’s scenery. It is important for us to document the current state of and changes in Korea, her land, and her people in order to protect and develop our beautiful land for many years to come.


  The National Atlas of Korea contains geographic information on the land, environment, economy, people, culture, and history of Korea. As a national record, The National Atlas of Korea is an of cial reference for the world that not only de nes and explains Korea’s territory and territorial water, but also introduces Korea to other nations. It is also an effective way to introduces the dynamic changes and developments of Korea and Korean society in the 21st century.


  The National Geographic Information Institute publishes The National Atlas of Korea for Children to help our children to better understand their nation and to foster a great pride in their nation. I hope that The National Atlas of Korea for Children can be a great resource for our future generations to learn the value and importance of the nation. The National Geographic Information Institute pledges to continuously publish the most updated geographical information of Korea.







Choe, Byong-Nam

Director General, National Geographic Information Institute




Editorial Board



CHAIRMAN                                  Choe, Byong-Nam    (Director General, National Geographic Information Institute)



VICE CHAIRMAN                        Han, Myounghee      (Director, National Geographic Information Institute)



SECRETARY GENERAL               Hwang, Chul Sue     (Kyung Hee University)



OFFICE OF THE                            Kang, Wooku          (Deupty Director, National Geographic Information Institute)


EDITORIAL BOARD                    Park, Sunyoung        (Officer in Charge, National Geographic Information Institute)





Editorial Committee



CHAIRMAN                                  Lee, Seungho                   (President, The Korean Geographical Society)



EDITOR IN CHIEF                       Hwang, Chul Sue             (Kyung Hee University)



AUTHORS                                     Seong, Jeongchang            (University of West Georgia)

AUTHORS                                     Ivester, Andrew                 (University of West Georgia)

AUTHORS                                    Kim, Junghwan               (Duksung Women’s University)


AUTHORS                                    Jung, Hojin             (Hankyoreh Education Culture Center)




Production Section


                         Moon, Seonggook                            (Kyung Hee University)

EXCHANGE                                                    Won, Seokhwan                              (Kyung Hee University)

EXCHANGE                                                    Hwang, Taekeon                             (Kyung Hee University)

EXCHANGE                                                    Choi, Mungi                                   (Kyung Hee University)

EXCHANGE                                                    Baek, Ahran                                   (Kyung Hee University) 

EXCHANGE                                                    You, Geonhwa                                (Kyung Hee University)


EXCHANGE                                                    Lee, Yubin                                (Kyung Hee University)


EXCHANGE                                                    Hong, Hyeokjin                              (Kyung Hee University)


DIGITAL MAP MAKERS                                Lee, Jangyong                                (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DIGITAL MAP MAKERS                                Kim, Seunghu                                (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DIGITAL MAP MAKERS                               Park, Chuljun                                (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DIGITAL MAP MAKERS                                Im, Sekwan                                   (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)


                    Lee, Hanjin                                   (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)


DESIGN                                                              Kim, KyungSun                             (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DESIGN                                                              Yoon, Jiae                                    (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)

DESIGN                                                              Kim, Yumi                                   (GeoDream Co., Ltd.)